Sheet Metal

Our sheet metal processing department works with care and precision. Our machines allow us to cut and fold sheets up to ¼ inch thick and up to 10 feet long. We have a shear, tow press brakes and seven conventional punching machines of various capacities with which we can manufacture your project to measure, in total conformity with the technical drawings.

Machining – cutting – bending

Since we manufacture custom products, we perform all the processes that transform metal tubes and bars of any size. This includes machining, cutting and bending processes. We use only quality materials such as CRS steel, HRS steel, pickled and oiled if required, hot-rolled steel sheet, aluminum and stainless steel. To give a high quality to our products, we carefully select the thickness of the components of the finished product so that its strength and durability match your needs.


We manufacture in our workshop the precision tools and templates we need to execute the new designs requested. This gives us essential control over the quality of the work, the speed of execution and the costs of production.


Our tools for machining, cutting and bending are varied: three milling machines, one lathe, three column drills, two roller benders, three radial saws, two vertical band saws and a deburring machine. Our specialists pay great attention to the calibration of machines, the choice of materials and the fineness of the execution. They work with extreme precision and our quality control processes ensure that each component is in line with the shop design.


We value the quality of the products we deliver to our customers. The care we give to each weld bears witness to this.


Indeed, our eight welders are experienced and are the most talented in the industry. They execute thoroughly welds of great strength, and esthetical. They also know how to merge with the TIG and they ensure the correct squaring and proper functioning of the assemblies. We also do spot welding.


They also pay close attention to the different welding parameters to ensure that the tension, intensity and speed selected gives the best results to suits the needs of the customized product we manufacture for you.


We attach great importance to the quality of the surfaces of our products, and their finish is as important as their robustness. We therefore pay special attention to the sanding of welds and surfaces, in order to prepare the metal for finishing (powder coating or plating). It also ensures that it is very durable. In addition to the preparation of the components, our craftsmen carry out a rigorous quality control process. Any imperfections are detected and corrected before proceeding to the finishing and assembly stages. Here are the processes we use: table brushing with hand tools, brushing on various belts, time saver, buff, orbital and unidirectional sanding.

Assembly, Pacakging and Shipping

The final assembly of the components is a crucial step. Our professionals work carefully to ensure the quality of assembly and finishing. They also check the correct functioning of the parts and conformity to the drawing. In addition, the parts are counted, assembled and packed with care to ensure that the products are not damaged or scratched in transit, no matter where in the world they are conveyed. Last but not least, we  offer a great shipping coordination service. We work with local, national and international transportation partners to ship your products safely and just-in-time.