Mr.Serge Cantin, co-owners of gestion de projets serge cantin inc.

Mr. Serge Cantin the owner of gestion de projets serge cantin inc.,
is proud to present his shop.

the factory

Our 20,000 square foot plant consists of six production departments: Cutting, Sheet metal & Bending, Machining & Dies, Welding, Polishing & Finishing, and Packaging & Shipping. Our strength resides in our 30 skilled employees working in a very flexible production line.

machining & dies

We machine the precision tools in-house that are required to produce our clients' new designs. This allows us to control the quality of our work and the production costs.

Our tubes and bars are cut to size with precision according to our shop drawings. We use top quality materials such as CRS steel, HRS steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. The proper thicknesses are selected to insure that your products will be strong and durable. After cutting, all parts are tagged and moved on to the next department in our production line.



Our welders are among the most skilled and talented in the industry. The tig fusion welds used are both strong and aesthetic. This department also confirms that all assemblies are leveled and square.

Our machines are capable of cutting & bending metal sheets up to 1/4" thick and 10 feet long. We have 1 shear, 2 press-breaks and 7 conventional punch-presses with various capacities. All tools and dies are designed and manufactured by our experienced machinists.

sheet metal

polishing & finishing

As metal preparation is the key to a good finish we take special care to brush and polish all welds and surfaces. Our polishers detect and repair all imperfections prior to powder coating and plating. We are well equipped with all the necessary polishing tools and machines.

This is the last department on our production line. Here we do the final testing of the parts and verify the quality of the finish. All parts are counted, assembled and packed with care. We ship all over the world so we understand the importance of timely shipments. We work hard to ensure that all shipments arrive on site in exemplary condition and without back-order. We use professional transport companies that know and understand our products and our "always on time" commitment to our customers. Our Shipping and Receiving department completes and follows up on all the required paperwork for customs and exportation.

machining & shipping

>Mr. Serge Cantin

Mr. Serge Cantin


5665 Dessiant • Ville St-Laurent (Quebec) Canada • H4S 1M8
tel.: (514) 745 1991 • fax: (514) 745 3113 • toll free: (1 888) 737 2268
e-mail: info@sergecantin.com